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CRAY XE6 (Hermit)

The overall system concept will have beside the compute nodes additionally special frontend nodes for pre- and  postprocessing in different configurations and a huge and fast storage system.

ISV codes are supported to a large extent directly on top of the Cray Linux Environment (CLE) or by using the Cluster Compatibilty Mode (CCM). 

The next generation of Cray supercomputer Cray XC40 system has been installed and is in production.

The Cray XE6 (Hermit) will stay available until December 2014, that means we expect users to migrate to the new system as soon as possible. The currently used disk subsystems will stay available on the new system, which means that no data transfer is necessary. With the new system, users need to recompile their applications using the Cray XC40 environment. All academic projects will be available onto the new system.



Technical description (installation step 1)

Peak performance 1.045 PFlops
Cabinets 38 with 96 nodes each
Number of compute nodes 3552
Number of compute cores per node 2 sockets with 16 cores each: 113 664
Number of service nodes 96
Processor compute nodes Dual Socket AMD Interlagos @ 2.3GHz 16 cores each
Memory/node 32 GB and 64 GB
Disk capacity 2.7 PB
Node-node interconnect CRAY Gemini
Special nodes External Access Nodes, Pre- & Postprocessing Nodes, Remote Visualization Nodes
Power consumption 2 MW maximal

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