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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wesner

Stefan Wesner


Director of the Communication and Information Centre (kiz) at University of Ulm

Director of the Institute for Organisation and Management of Information Systems (OMI) at University of Ulm



Stefan Wesner's bibliography

Selected Research Projects during my time at HLRS


Distributed computing and Grids

  • Principal Investigator in the large scale projects OPTIMIS and BonFire
  • Technical Coordinator of the Integrated Project BREIN merging the concepts of Multi Agent Systems, Semantics and Grid Computing towards really useable Grids.
  • Principal Investigator for HLRS in BEinGrid (please visit also IT-Tude) the largest ICT project currently funded (to my knowledge please proof me wrong) with almost hundred project partners.
  • Principal Investigator for HLRS in IRMOS project aiming to bring Realtime to SOA based solutions realising a real end-to-end QoS
  • Member of Challengers where I contributed to the roadmap how "Grids" (or whatever they will be called by this time) may look like in 2020

High Performance Computing

Knowledge Management and Engineering