Cover InSiDE Autumn 2021

Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland - Innovative Supercomputing in Germany

InSiDE is published twice a year by The GAUSS Centre for Supercomputing (HLRS, LRZ, JSC). It includes information about events in supercomputing in Germany and gives an outlook on workshops in the field. Further information can be found here.


News Features

  • GCS Centres Play Major Role in German National Data Infrastructure Initiatives
  • HLRS Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation
  • Lifting a Treasure Trove of Data for Environmental Sciences

Science Features

  • Researchers Use Supercomputers in an Effort to Develop Safer, More Personalized Medical Procedures for Respiratory Illnesses
  • Taking Inspiration from Microorganisms, Researchers Use HPC to Propel Magnetocapillary Swimmer Research
  • Using JUWELS, Researchers Work to Advance Polymer-Based Filtration Processes


  • The PPI4HPC Project Leads to a Successful First Joint European Procurement of HPC Systems
  • Software for Medicine and Pharmacology
  • As Part of the Catalyst Project, Festo-HLRS Partnership Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Develop Safer Automation


  • Staff Spotlight: Years at HLRS Set the Stage for Transition to University of Tennessee Innovative Computing Laboratory