The BOOK Project

The Basic Offline Organized Knowledge (BOOK) Project is a no-funding project and has two aims

  1. Look at the changes in the role of the book in the age of digitalization
  2. Look at the changes in the “infrastructure” that surrounds the book like libraries and book shops

Since this is a private – but scientific – project progress may be slow.

I was wondering over decades why books are supposed to be "old" although they provide a means of storage that overcomes a number of the issues of electronically stored data. So I was trying to find a way of describing the technology by an acronym that adds up to BOOK.   

I found a similar view on the "book" at

Some people take a pretty religious view of books versus electronically stored information (e-books, …). I do not share any of these views. I do see that real books requires space and have a limited lifetime. I also see that real books have higher costs for the owner. I do understand that it is easier to take hundreds of books with me when I travel when they are stored in some electronic device. I admit that I like real books – and that I have enough space to store many of them.



Bookshops are expected to disappear. So we start a documentation of bookshops worlwide