The web servers of the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) are operated by HLRS, Nobelstr. 19, 70569 Stuttgart. The processed personal data is subject to applicable data protection regulations, especially to the Federal Data Protection Act of Baden Württemberg (LDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG).

We kindly ask you to consider the following procedural principles when accessing our website.


Each time our website is accessed and for every time a file is downloaded, the following data will be recorded by HLRS:

  • IP address of the requesting computer
  • date and time of access
  • name, URL and size of requested data (in bytes)
  • access status (requested data transferred, not found etc.)
  • identification data about browser and operating system (as far as transmitted from requesting browser)
  • website from which the access was made (as far as transmitted from requesting browser)

The recorded data will be processed as follows: in particular cases, e.g. reported malfunctions, failures and security issues, a manual analysis of the data will follow in order to prevent misuse of the web offers.

The recorded IP addresses will not be connected with other datasets so that there is no conclusion to be drawn to individual people for the HLRS. This does not apply when there are actual indications for a malfunction of the proper operation or for misuse, especially improper utilization.

The recorded IP addresses will be deleted completely 30 days after recording by HLRS.


The HLRS website uses Matomo, a web analytics open-source software. Matomo uses so called “cookies” which are text files that are stored on your computer and which enable HLRS to analyze the use of the website. For this purpose the information generated by the Cookie (including your IP address) will be transferred to our server and is saved for the purpose of usage analysis, which is useful for optimizing our website. Your IP address is immediately anonymized so that the user stays anonymous. The information about the individual use of this website, generated by the cookie, is not passed on to third parties.

You have to give your consent to the use of cookies. Please note that some functions may be restricted or some websites may not be available if you do not want cookies to be created on your computer.

If you no longer agree with the recording and evaluation of your data you are able to revoke your consent. In this case a so called Opt-out cookie is created which results in Matomo not recording session data at the moment of the revocation.


You gave us your permission to save information in form of a cookie in order to enable the operator of the website to the acquisition and analysis of different statistical data.


Your personal data will only be transferred to governmental institutions and authorities if required by law, respectively in the case of prosecution because of attacks on our network infrastructure. A transmission because of other reasons does not take place.


You have the right to inform yourself about the recorded personal data. In addition, you have the right to block or delete this data as well as rectifying incorrect data. If you want to make use of this right please contact us in written form.