COVISE stands for COllaborative VIsualization and Simulation Environment. It is an extendable distributed software environment to integrate simulations, postprocessing and visualization functionalities in a seamless manner. From the beginning COVISE was designed for collaborative working allowing engineers and scientists to spread on a network infrastructure.

In COVISE an application is divided into several processing steps, which are represented by COVISE modules. These modules, being implemented as separate processes, can be arbitrarily spread across different heterogeneous machine platforms. Major emphasis was put on the usage of high performance infrastructures such as parallel and vector computers and fast networks.

COVISE Rendering modules support Virtual environments ranging form workbenches over powerwalls, curved screens up to full domes or CAVEs. The users can thus analyze their datasets intuitively in a fully immersive environment through state of the art visualization techniques including Volume rendering and fast sphere rendering. Physical prototypes or experiments can be included into the analysis process through Augmented Reality techniques.