bwForCluster Access


Please note, that the process described on this page is still under developmentand may change at any time.

Under the umbrella of the bwHPC-C5 project, a collaboration of all universities of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) operates the so called "bwUniCluster" (also known as Landescluster) as a state-wide computing resource. This system can be used by any member of one of the universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Follow this link ( for information on the bwUniCluster.
Please be aware that usage of this system may be subject to charges starting from January 2015. Further information and cost details will be announced in the "Entgeltordnung für die Nutzung der Rechenanlagen und peripheren Geräte des Höchstleistungsrechenzentrums Stuttgart (HLRS) an der Universität Stuttgart" and respective updates of this documents.
Access to the system is authorized by the user's home university. Specifically, this is handled by the HLRS for members of the University of Stuttgart.

The procedure consists of two consecutive steps:
1.    Submit a request for clearance to HLRS
2.    Registration of your account at KIT
Please note, that the usage of the system is subject to various user agreements.
Furthermore, the authorization to use the bwUniCluster is tied to your affiliation with the University of Stuttgart and will be withdrawn as soon as your affiliation ends. Your account and any associated data will be deleted automatically.

Request for clearance at HLRS

Access to bwForCluster is based on the university's unique user account (see The electronic form to requesting clearance of your user account for access to:

You will need the following details to complete the form:

  • full name and academic title
  • gender
  • unique user account (ac-account or st-account)
  • contact email address
  • supervisor (name & institute) (only required for students)
  • project title
  • short abstract of the project

HLRS will process your request, clear your account for usage of bwUniCluster or bwForCluster, and then send a notification to the email address you specified.
If you are requesting access to bwUniCluster, you need to proceed with the registration of your account at KIT.

Registration of account at KIT

Once your account has been cleared by HLRS, you need to register as a user of bwUniCluster at KIT. For this please visit the website A brief document describing the steps required is available here (PDF).


In case you need further information or assistance, please contact