HLRS is a major player and driving force in the field of international HPC training. Many courses are offered for industrial users and scientists. Our courses are listed under Events. In most units, the key issue for the success is the combination of teaching and hands-on sessions.

Class Room Training

A list of all upcoming courses at several locations can be found here, a list of past training courses can be found in the archive. The examples are programmed mainly in groups of two participants on pre-installed systems in the course room.

Online Training

Online-versions of these courses are available through the HLRS Online Courses.


HLRS provides courses in main areas of high performance computing (HPC), e.g.:

Parallel Programming

  • Message Passing Interface - MPI
  • OpenMP shared memory parallelization
  • Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) Languages, e.g., UPC, Co-Array Fortran, GASPI
  • Iterative Solver and Parallelization
  • GPUs and accelerators, e.g., CUDA, OpenACC, OpenMP-4.0 directives (planned)
  • Hybrid programming, e.g., MPI+X
  • High performance parallelism, e.g., HPX

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Parallelization

  • Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • CFD with OpenFOAM®

Performance Optimization and Debugging

  • Tools courses, e.g. VI-HPS courses
  • Node-level performance engineering
  • Workshops on optimization at scale
  • System specific optimization courses (Cray, NEC)

Programming Languages for Scientific Computing

  • Fortran
  • C++

Compute Cluster - Usage and Administration

Scientific Visualization

Data in HPC

In most courses, hands-on sessions (in C and Fortran) allow to immediately understand the basic constructs of the presented programming models.

Other Training Courses and Material

Events of other training providers in High Performance Computing (HPC) can be found at

Lists of our previous summer/winter schools on parallel programming can be found here: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009-1998

Lists of our previous summer/winter schools on Fortran, C++, ... can be found here: (since 2010, the language courses are included in the lists above) 2009-2006

 GCS and HLRS also provide yearly curricula as handouts & posters:

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