Next Generation Vector Computer

Installation took place in January 2015. System entered production in February 2015. 

To get access, file a short project proposal (max. 1 page) and send this via Email to
Please be aware: you have to deliver project status reports on a regular basis.

Technical Description

Peak performance16 TFlops
Number of compute nodes64
Number of compute cores Single CPU with 4 cores (256 total)
Number of frontend nodes1
Processor compute nodes NEC SX-ACE CPU
Memory/node64 GB
Disk capacity 250 TB
Node-node interconnect

NEC IXS 8 GB per second

Power consumption ~30 KW


Technical documentation (HLRS specific Wiki)

NEC Technical documentation
Available for users only. Log in on the frontend systems and read the login message to get the username and password which is required to access the documentation.