The partnership will promote cooperation in research, staff development, and educational programs with a focus on the intersection of advanced digital tools and culture.

A team from TU Dortmund is using high-performance computing to model how lasers could regulate spin dynamics in quantum dots. These small structures could have big implications for improving quantum computers and other advanced...

HLRS Director Michael Resch joined bestselling novelist Daniel Kehlmann to consider the question of how "intelligent" artificial intelligence actually is.

HLRS will help develop new software for quantum computers and investigate ways to integrate them with conventional systems for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

The course was the first of its kind in Europe focusing on AMD's ROCm software environment.

Improving the accuracy of large-eddy simulations could lead to more accessible methods for improving wind turbine efficiency or making aircraft more environmentally friendly.

Neue Möglichkeiten und aktuelle Herausforderungen in Supercomputing stand im Fokus bei diesem virtuellen Treffen von HPC-Nutzer aus der Industrie.

Die Erweiterung des HLRS-Supercomputers durch neue HPE Apollo-Systeme mit Grafikprozessoreinheiten von NVIDIA wird sowohl Anwendungen aus dem Bereich des Deep-Learning als auch neue Arten von hybriden Rechenabläufe ermöglichen,...

ORCHESTRA will develop a data repository constituting a large population cohort based on cohorts from multiple countries. The result will support studies to improve public health and vaccine strategies for tackling COVID-19.

Die Ergebnisse eines zentralen Branchentests zählen das neue Flaggschiffsystem des HLRS zu den leistungsstärksten nichtbeschleunigten HPC-Systemen weltweit.