History Meets the Future as IBM Klub Tours HLRS

12 December 2017

A community organization dedicated to promoting education about the history of technology visited HLRS to learn about new capabilities of high-performance computing in Baden-Württemberg.

On Tuesday, December 12, members of the IBM Klub Böblingen e.V. interested in the history of data and computing had a chance to experience the state of the art in today’s high-performance computing (HPC).

Affiliated with the German headquarters of the American technology company IBM, the IBM Klub offers a variety of leisure and sport activities for residents in the Stuttgart-Böblingen area. At HLRS, an interest group dedicated to the history of data management received a tour of the HLRS computer room and the CAVE 3D visualization cube.

The tour was a highlight among other meetings and events the club offers focused on the history of computing technologies, particularly the theoretical underpinnings of computation, hardware and software development, telecommunications, and other related topics.

“It is important to understand both the history and the future of HPC in order to make best use of current technology,” said Michael Resch, Director of HLRS.