University of Marburg researchers are using high-performance computing to investigate how functionalizing silicon with other compounds could make light-based signaling in semiconductors feasible.

Das Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum der Universität Stuttgart (HLRS) und Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), der Marktführer im Bereich High-Performance Computing (HPC), kooperieren beim Bau und Installation eines Supercomputers der...

High-performance computing resources and data-driven machine learning helped University of Stuttgart researchers model how coal, nuclear, and geothermal power plants could be retrofitted for cleaner, safer, and more efficient and...

Das neu gegründete Media Solution Center Baden-Württemberg macht Höchstleistungsrechnen (HPC) und Computersimulation für die Medienproduktion nutzbar.

On November 12-15, HLRS takes part in the SC18 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis in Dallas, Texas. Here's how to find us.

As part of the Drehmoment Produktionskunst-Festival, digital artist Michael Saup collaborated with HLRS to create a virtual reality installation that raises awareness of air pollution.

At the 21st Annual Results and Review Workshop, HLRS recognized three Hazel Hen users for their scientific excellence and innovative applications in parallel computing.

The meeting brought together representatives of Germany's national supercomputing centers, HPC hardware manufacturers, and HPC users in industry to discuss current trends and challenges in the field.

A University of Stuttgart research consortium focused on data-integrated simulation technologies has been awarded a prestigious seven-year grant as part of Germany's national strategy for scientific excellence.

In their paper, Schuchart et al. investigate the taskyield directive in OpenMP, presenting a test that programmers can use to observe how it is managing tasks in their applications.