Responsibility for Environment & Society


HLRS takes responsibility for society and the environment in its strategic planning, in operation and in its projects. As a high performance simulation center we can substantially contribute to address societal and environmental questions.

Supporting users in the field of energy, mobility, health and the environment we substantially contribute to turning science into a tool that not only helps to protect our environment but also provides solutions that improve the quality of our lives. Environmental issues and sustainability are part of our work, with energy efficiency of our systems but also of our infrastructure being a high priority for our staff.

By communicating intensively with society through research and outreach activities we connect to the people of Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Europe - to learn and to educate - to contribute and to support. We collaborate with schools to foster the understanding of simulation. We communicate with a wider public in talks and events to build a better understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities that we find in high performance computing.