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Michael Gienger

Firstname and Lastname

High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
Head of Service Management & Business Processes

Nobelstraße 19
D - 70569 Stuttgart

Phone:++49(0)711 / 685-63824
Fax:++49(0)711 / 685-65832


I am currently involved in the following research projects: 

  • BonFIRE - Building Service Testbeds on FIRE:
  • ECO2Clouds - Experimental Awareness of CO2 in Federated Cloud Sourcing:
  • EXCESS - Execution Models for Energy-Efficient Computing Systems
  • FORTISSIMO - Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling

Past projects:

  • OPTIMIS - Optimized Infrastructure Services:
  • KOVIS - Kollaboratives und Virtuelles Informationszentrum für die Region Stuttgart

    Scientific Interests

    • Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Federations
    • Efficient deployment strategies
    • HPC vs. Cloud porting solutions
    • BigData vs. Cloud porting solutions
    • Green cloud computing





    Gienger, M.; Koller, B.; Tsemaylo, O.; Provisioning of a flexible storage as a service solution using CDMI, eChallenges Conference 2013 (Dublin, Ireland, October 2013)

    Gienger, M.; Koller, B.; Feilhauer,M.; A mobile application to monitor cloud based environments, eChallenges 2013 (Dublin, Ireland, October 2013)

    Tenschert, A.; Gienger, M.; Cloud Federation Monitoring for an Improved Eco-Efficiency, eChallenges 2013 (Dublin, Ireland, October 2013)

    Cappiello C.; Datre, S.; Fugini, M.; Melia, P.; Pernici, B.; Plebani, P.; Gienger, M.; Tenschert, A.; Monitoring and assessing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in cloud-based systems, IEEE SMC 2013 (Manchester, UK, October 2013)

    Volk, E.; Tenschert, A.; Gienger, M.; Oleksiak, A.; Siso, L.; Improving Energy Efficiency in Data Centers and federated Cloud Environments, EuroEcoDC 2013 (Karlsruhe, Germany, September 2013)

    Garcia-Perez, D.; Lorenzo, J.; Al-Hazmi, Y.; Martrat, J.; Kavoussanakis, K.; Hume, A.; Velayos, C.; Landi, G.; Wauters, T.; Gienger, M.; Margery, D.; Cloud and Network facilities federation in BonFIRE, FedICI 2013 (Aachen, Germany, August 2013)

    Kavoussanakis, K.; Hume, A.; Ragusa, C.; Campowsky, K.; Vazquez, C.; Gittler, F.; Carelly, G.; Giertych, M.; Margery, M.; Martrat, J.; Gienger, M.; Van Segbroeck, G.; Velayos, C.; Inglesant, P.; Engen, V.; Landi, G.; BonFIRE: the Clouds and Services Testbed, IEEE CloudCom (Bristol, UK, December 2013)


    Gienger, M.; Koller, B.; Identified issues and necessary improvements in multi-site cloud set-up and operation, eChallenges Conference 2012 (Lisbon, Portugal, October 2012)