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Parallelization with MPI and OpenMP


Room N33, Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg 12), main entrance is at Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 21, 55128 Mainz, see  map . Directly after the main entrance (on the first meter), you can see the sign to room N33 on the left wall.


2014, Tuesday March 4, 9:00 - Thursday March 6, 16:30


The focus is on the programming models MPI and OpenMP. Hands-on sessions (in C and Fortran) will allow users to immediately test and understand the basic constructs of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) and the shared memory directives of OpenMP. This course is organized by the University of Mainz in collaboration with HLRS. (Content Level: 70% for beginners, 30% advanced)


The course outline can be found here.




The course is full. Therefore, the registration is closed. You can still register for the waiting queue via the online registration form.

Please take the automated confirmation email only for a reply that you are on the waiting queue.

As an alternative, we recommend the courses in Dresden (Feb 24-27) or Stuttgart (Mar 24-28).

 The course information is also available through the local web-page in Mainz and by the Allianz Hochleistungsrechnen Rheinland-Pfalz (AHRP).


for registration is Feb. 2, 2014.


Members of German universities and public research institutes: none.
Others: 400 EUR.
(includes food and drink at coffee breaks, will be collected on the first day of the course, cash only)


Unix / C or Fortran

Social Events

The first evening, we plan to organize a dinner on a self-paying basis. We are looking forward to see you there.

Travel & Hotel Info

ZDV, Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg, 55128 Mainz, see map.

All buses leaving from the bus stop “G” at the central railway station pass by the university. You can get off at either of the bus stops “Universität” or “Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg”.

The Hotels should be booked as early as possible because March 3, 2014 is Rosenmontag, the main carneval day in Mainz!

  Hotel Cost Address
1. BEST WESTERN Hotel Mainz 63,00 EUR (single) Wallstraße 56
55122 Mainz
T: +49  6131 30400
2. Hotel Hammer 80,00 EUR (single) Bahnhofplatz 6
55116 Mainz
T: +49 6131 965280
3. InterCity Mainz 88,50 - 98,50 EUR (single) Binger Straße 21
55131 Mainz
T: +49 6131 58851300
4. Hotel Königshof GmbH 63,00 EUR (single)
72,00 EUR (double)
Schottstraße 1-5
55116 Mainz
T: +49 6131 960110
5. Hotel Mainzer Hof 69,00 EUR (single) Kaiserstrasse 98
55116 Mainz
T: +49 6131 288990
6. Hotel Römerstein
(close to University)
65,00 EUR (single) Draiser Str 136f
55128 Mainz
T: +49 6131 936660
7. Hotel Schottenhof 65,00 EUR (single) Schottstrasse 6
55116 Mainz
T: +49 6131 232968
8. Youth Hostel 21,50 EUR (B&B) Otto-Brunfels-Schneise 4 55130 Mainz
T: +49 6131 85332



Cancelation Policy

If you cannot come to the course, please send an email to the organizer as soon as possible. This would allow us to accept additional participants from the waiting-list. There is no cancelation fee.
NO-SHOW: Registered persons that do not cancel and do not show up without any reasons are blocked for the next year on any of our workshops (because it is too expensive to produce unused copies of the slides for them).


Each participant will get a paper copy of all slides.
The MPI-1 part of the course is based on the MPI course developed by the EPCC Education and Training Centre, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre.
If you want, you may also buy copies of the standards MPI-3.0 (Hardcover, 17 Euro) and OpenMP (about 10 Euro).
An older version of this course with most of the material (including the audio information) can also be viewed in the ONLINE Parallel Programming Workshop.

Shortcut-URL of this course: and URL of the announcement at ZDV:


Rolf Rabenseifner phone 0711 685 65530, rabenseifner[at]
Joerg Hertzer phone 0711 685 65932, hertzer[at]