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Axel Tenschert

Firstname and Lastname

High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
Department Service Management & Business Processes

Nobelstr. 19
D - 70569 Stuttgart

Phone:++49(0)711 / 685-87201
Fax:++49(0)711 / 685-65832


Current Projects:

  • bwHPC-C5 - Coordinated Compute Cluster Competence Centers: bwHPC-C5
  • ECO2Clouds - Experimental Awareness of CO2 in Federated Could Sourcing: ECO2Clouds
  • BonFIRE - Building service testbeds for Future Internet Research and Experimentation: BonFIRE


Past Projects:

  • OPTIMIS - Optimized Infrastructure Services: OPTIMIS
  • Semiramis - Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders
  • plugIT - Business and IT Alignment using Model-Based Plug-In Framework: plugIT
  • LarKC - The Large Knowledge Collider: LarKC
  • SLA4D-Grid - Service Level Agreements für das D-Grid: SLA4D-Grid
  • FinGrid - Financial Business Grid: FinGrid


Scientific Interests

  • Distributed Computing: Grids and federated Clouds
  • Web Services: SOA, Java Web Services
  • Large Semantic Data: Ontology Matching and Reasoning





Cappiello, C.; Datre, S.; Fugini, M.; Melia, P.; Pernici, B.; Plebani, P.; Gienger, M.; Tenschert, A.: Monitoring and assessing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in cloud-based Systems. Proceedings of the IEEE SMC 2013 (Manchester, UK, October 2013)

Tenschert, A.; Gienger, M.: Cloud Federation Monitoring for an Improved Eco-Efficiency, Proceedings of the eChallenges e-2013 Conference (Dublin, Ireland, October 2013)

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Cheptsov, A.; Tenschert, A.; Schmidt, P.; Glimm, B.; Matthesius, M.; Liebig, T.: Introducing a New Scalable Data-as-a-Service Cloud Platform for Enriching Traditional Text Mining Techniques by Integrating Ontology Modelling and Natural Language Processing. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Big Web Data, BigWebData 2013 (Nanjing, China, July 2013)


Tenschert, A.; Kübert, R.: SLA Based Job Submission and Scheduling with the Globus Toolkit 4, In: The Computer Science Journal. Vol. 13, No.4, pp. 183-204, 2012.


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Tenschert, A.; Assel, M.; Cheptsov, A.; Gallizo, G.: Parallelization and Distribution Techniques for Ontology Matching in Urban Computing Environments, Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Ontology Matching. Part of the ISWC Conference(Chantilly, USA, October 2009)

Pontz, T.; Grauer, M.; Kübert, R.; Tenschert, A.; Koller, B.: Evaluation of Service Level Agreement Approaches for Portfolio Management in the Financial Industry, Proceedings of 10th IEEE / ACM International Conference on Grid Computing (Banff, Canada, October 2009)

Tenschert, A.; Cheptsov, A.: Effective Ontology Matching in High-Performance Computing Environments, Proceedings of the SEMHE‘09 workshop. Part of the ECTEL Conference (Nice, France, September/October 2009)

Tenschert, A.; Koller, B.; Kübert, R.: Service Level Agreements in einer Grid-Umgebung, In: Grid Computing in der Finanzindustrie: Ein Herausgeberband des D-Grid-Projekts FinGrid. Skiera, B., Hinz, O., Beck, R., König, W., Books on Demand, February 2009, ISBN-10: 3837091805, pp99-114


Kotsiopoulos, I.; Soler Jubert, I.; Tenschert, A.; Benedicto Cirujeda, J.; Koller, B.: Using Semantic technologies to improve Negotiation of Service Level Agreements, Proceedings of the eChallenges 2008 Conference (Stockholm, Sweden, October 2008)

Tenschert, A.; Kotsiopoulos, I.: Text-Content-Analysis: Text-Content-Analysis based on the Syntactic Correlations between Ontologies, Proceedings of the Mardi Gras Conference 2008 (Baton Rouge, USA, January/February 2008)