The HLRS director discusses some recent developments in high-performance computing.

Industrial controls manufacturer Festo is looking to high-performance computing to help design safer, more efficient human-robot collaborations in manufacturing processes. Company researchers are collaborating with HLRS staff to...

The meeting will bring experts from Europe and America together to discuss new developments in art, culture, and economy in the context of digitalization.

An HLRS-led project called ENRICH will develop a digital atlas to predict IT sector growth across the state and identify opportunities to increase energy efficiency and sustainability.

Members of HLRS will present our recent activities at this upcoming online gathering of the HPC community, taking place from June 24 to July 2.

The HLRS 2020 Annual Report provides a wealth of information about our activities over the past year. Highlights include articles about HLRS's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, the inauguration of the center's new supercomputer,...

A look back at HLRS's experiences during the exploding coronavirus pandemic demonstrated how advanced computing technologies can help respond to crisis situations.

Researchers are working to identify materials and methods to improve water electrolysis, a promising approach that could more efficiently store energy generated from renewable sources.

The head of the Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence at Fraunhofer IPA discusses how HLRS's supercomputer could enable greater customization in manufacturing, and describes a new project with HLRS focused on quantum computing.

Key HLRS staff provided updates on changes in the center's systems, expansion in its user support services, and the upcoming addition of AI capabilities to Hawk.