SICOS BW Podcast with Prof. Dr. Michael Resch

02 August 2021

The HLRS director discusses some recent developments in high-performance computing.

The SICOS BW podcast "Technology Transfer Made Easy" (Technologietransfer leicht gemacht) provides insights concerning themes related to digitalization, high-performance computing, and data analytics.  

In its latest episode, Prof. Michael Resch discusses some recent developments at HLRS, including its offerings for industry and thoughts on the future of simulation, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.  

The podcast is available on the SICOS website:  (Click on the "Podcast" tab after loading the page. The interview is conducted in German.)  

SICOS BW, an organization cofounded by HLRS, offers small and medium-sized companies a variety of services aimed at helping them to overcome barriers to access HPC technologies for simulation, artificial intelligence, and large-scale data analysis.