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A new startup called LandesCloud will give companies access to a state-of-the-art platform for artificial intelligence and high-performance data analytics.

ISO certifications for environmental management and energy management recognize comprehensive steps the center has taken to address its environmental impact.

Using a machine learning algorithm and supercomputing, scientists are modelling wind turbine designs to improve energy efficiency.

A memorandum of understanding commits the centers to expertise sharing in the coming years.

HLRS has contracted with supercomputer manufacturer Cray, a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company, to install a new Cray CS-Storm GPU-accelerated supercomputer to accelerate AI workloads.

An analysis of audio data of individual music files run at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart enabled the broadcasting company to develop a new software tool for identifying similarity between titles.

HLRS is technical lead for an EU-funded project that is developing potential solutions relevant for migration, air pollution, and the spread of information through social media.

HLRS recognized three users of its Hazel Hen supercomputer for their scientific excellence and innovative applications in parallel computing.

At the upcoming SC19 conference in Denver, HLRS will present new applications integrating HPC and visualization, and a secure data management and transfer framework for industrial users of HPC.

Simulation scientists utilized HLRS supercomputing and visualization tools to develop high-resolution models of a physical collision.