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30. 11. 12
Media Coverage CAVE Inauguration

In the new HLRS building, researchers can step into a room less than 3 meters wide and travel through a running coal power plant, lift a car above their heads, stand in the middle of hemoglobin proteins, or travel alongside a water line buried deep underground in the Black Forest.

The building, which opened at the end of October, features the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE). The CAVE gives researchers a fully immersive, 3-D simulation environment to analyze and discuss their computations.

The CAVE projects visualizations on five surfaces, allowing teams of researchers to step inside their simulations. Using a special mouse or 3-D glasses, researchers can orient the images so they appear naturally to the human eye. The technology for the CAVE spans three floors. The five single-chip DLP projectors each send a respective right and left image, creating an accurate rendering for the human eye, and offer a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels. Four cameras at the corners of the ceiling track the orienting devices to keep images in control of researchers.  A 22-node Sandybridge cluster with NVIDIA Quadro graphics processing units and a QDR Infiniband interconnect powers the CAVE. 

For samples of media coverage on the inauguration of the HLRS cave and on the official opening of the HLRS annex building, please see below.

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