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Award for Project "Simulierte Welten"

Project "Simulated Worlds": HLRS and Partners Awarded 2nd Place in National Price Competition "School Meets Science"

Stuttgart/Germany,  December 6, 2013  – Project „Simulierte Welten” (“Simulated Worlds”) received major honors with being voted 2nd best in the annually recurring national price competition „Schule trifft Wissenschaft“ („School Meets Science“) set up by the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung. “Simulierte Welten“ is a joint initiative of the High Performance Computing Center of University Stuttgart (HLRS), the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Institute for Social Science (SOWI V) of University Stuttgart in cooperation with three secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg.  The award is associated with a price money of € 20,000.

Project “Simulierte Welten” aims at building a bridge between lacking public awareness and missing social acceptance of computer aided simulation technologies. As these technologies have steadily growing influence in all kind of science, research, and development activities, a main focus is being put on making these technologies easily accessible to students - our next generation society. For this, scientists and teachers cooperate with students in various new and innovative ways with the aim to trigger students’ interest in Natural Sciences and Technology. The scientists’ know-how and the teachers’ expertise in combination with the students’ curiosity will ultimately result in a novel way of teaching and learning.

In seminars, science cafés, through evening presentations and/or by private coaching, students and other interested individuals are given the opportunity to acquire more than just a brief insight into the complex subject of computer simulation technologies. Students are being taught how to leverage modern simulation technologies for a multitude of tasks, e.g. by portraying the environment in 2D-models on a computer screen and exploring scenarios on how man made events have influence on nature and scenery.

Project “Simulierte Welten” is  supported by the Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg.

Press release of HKOM University Stuttgart (in Deutsch)

Official press release (in Deutsch)

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