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Research & Collaboration

11. 01. 10
S(o)OS project kicks off

This february, HLRS will start a new collaborative research project on future operating systems for highly scalable, heterogeneous resource infrastructures. The project will investigate how processes need to be managed both in future many core desktop machines, as well as future cluster architectures, enabling easier development for dynamic exa-scale environments.

The project consortium is formed by HLRS as project management, EMIC (Europäisches Microsoft Innovations Center GmbH), IT Aveiro (Instituto de Telecomunicacoes-Pólo Aveiro), SSSA (Scuola Superiore di Studi
Universitari e di Perezionamento Sant'Anna) and UT (Universiteit Twente).

The project is sponsored by the European Commission under ICT-2009.8.1: FET proactive 1: Concurrent Tera-device Computing. Further information will be made available via the project web-site