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04. 02. 09
NEC SX-8 to NEC SX-9 transition

Due to adminstrative reasons, an automatic user migration to the NEC SX-9 system is not possible for all  users.

HLRS projects "Bundesprojekte"

This projects are migrated onto the NEC SX-9. To access the system the frontend has been installed. Please check the online documentation for more information.

D-Grid Projects

Users may access the NEC SX-9 system using unicore. Please check following page. Interactive access using ssh or globus tool kit is not possible. To get full support we strongly recommend to file a project proposal.


System status

  • NEC SX-8  36 Nodes
  • NEC SX-9  10 Nodes

The final configuration of the NEC SX-9 (12 nodes) requires to reduce the number of NEC SX-8 nodes. This will happen with short notice. The integration of the Cluster part in the NEC SX-9 will take place in April 2009. At this time the NEC SX-8 will be turned off.