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26. 04. 10
9th HLRS/hww Workshop on Scalable Global Parallel File Systems

The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, HLRS,
and the Höchstleistungsrechner für Wissenschaft und
Wirtschaft mbH, hww, are organizing the three-day
9th HLRS/hww Workshop on Scalable Global Parallel File Systems
"Tiled Storage"
at HLRS, which is one of the three federal high performance
computing centers in Germany. This workshop will be joined by the
High Performance Networking Forum (HNF) Europe Spring Meeting 2010.
The workshop is to take place in Stuttgart, Germany, on

Monday - Wednesday, April 26 - 28,  2010.

This year's workhop will try and present the major issues
and developments associated with  the convergence of fabrics,
protocols, systems and applications in the computing center,
as they are about to become useful products, enabling a rich
portfolio of distributed storage solutions, like
Tiled Storage.
We are looking forward to meaningful presentations in
this area and will present results with respect to selected applications that have been able to successfully draw from a multiplicity of techniques in the Data Center.

On Tuesday night, we would like to take you out to the Museum Ritter
which has perfected the idea of repetitive squares in a comprehensible and perfectly digestible way. Despite its size, this museum is also featuring a zero emission building and thus may lead the way to future data centers in many respects.

We are also glad to let you know that the Stuttgart Museum of Fine Arts' Cube Restaurant
has agreed to host our workshop for a Tuesday night Reception and Dinner.

Admission to the workshop is free, as are the meals at the
conference site. Depending on our overall sponsoring situation,
we might need to ask for a small cost contribution for the dinner invitation.

Further information and registration can be found here.