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17. 04. 12
Girls' Day 2012

On April 26, HLRS will open its doors for 15 girls, 14 to 16 years of age, on the occasion of Girls’ Day 2012. The teenagers visiting HLRS will be provided with a comprehensive program which will give them a good idea of computer scientists’ work and how computer simulation helps tackle the omnipresent questions of today’s society in areas such as e. g. human health, environment protection, regenerative energy, climate research, mobility of mankind, et cetera. An introduction to and visit of HLRS’s „Hermit“, one of the fastest supercomputers in the world which delivers a peak performance of 1 Petabyte/s (i.e. 1 quadrillion computing operations per second – equivalent to approx. 20,000 PCs) is on the agenda just as a 3D-workshop in which the girls will have the chance to build a 3D model on the computer all by themselves. Demonstrations of various interactive visualizations in HLRS’s virtual reality CAVE and a ride on a Porsche driving simulator will complete the attractive program offered by HLRS on Girls’ Day.

For further information please visit the Girls' Day Website