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29. 10. 12
HLRS Presentation at SC 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah

November 10-16, 2012 High Performance Computing demonstration at SC 2012


The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is Germany's first federal HPC Center providing researchers with HPC resources. With Porsche and T-Systems we provide supercomputers to large scale industries like Daimler and have recently established the Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart (ASCS) pooling researchers, automotive companies, hardware vendors and ISVs for precompetitive research in automotive simulation. Setting up SICOS as a company to coordinate our support for small and medium sized enterprises we cover all fields of research and industry. HLRS operates a distributed computing environment based on the CRAY XE6 technology and consists our of 3552 compute nodes. ISV codes are supported to a large extent directly on top of the Cray Linux Environment (CLE) or by using the Cluster Compatibilty Mode (CCM).

At SC2012, HLRS will demonstrate its research in HPC, Visualization, and Grid Computing. We will show tools developed at HLRS (Covise, Open MPI, MARMOT) and highlight results from our application research.Examples from industry will focus on the automotive and aerospace sectors. Scientific research is demonstrated in engineering, medicine, biology, chemistry and physics.

Scenarios and tools planned for demonstration:

Please visit us at the HLRS booth #1036. A number of projects are demonstrated that focus on designing and implementing middleware components, on putting them together to create a framework for cloud computing and on running applications to exploit the potential of such frameworks.