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Meet Us

18. 07. 00
Distributed Simulation and Visualization at iGrid2000 in Yokohama/Japan

July 18-21, 2000 HLRS Demonstrations at the iGrid Booth

The presentations at the iGrid booth will cover the continued collaboration with our partners at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL) in Japan and Manchester Computing Centre (MCC) . Centre for Virtual Environments (CVE) . We aim to bring together computing resources and software of PSC, SNL, ETL, MCC and HLRS. An example is the coupling of the Cray T3E's at PSC, MCC and HLRS with an SR8000 at the ETL for running metacomputing applications.

Results of this collaboration will be partly visualized in a distributed virtual environment based on the work between the SNL's Interaction Laboratory and the visualization group at HLRS. Furthermore we will present European collaborations focusing on metacomputing mainly.


Scenarios planned for demonstration:

We plan to run our demos in an environment involving MPPs, workstations and a cluster of PC's. Results of the simulations will be visualized online. Since the demonstrations rely partly on the availability of machines at four different supercomputing centers, we will have to schedule them for a fixed date and time and will not be able to show online demonstrations on demand. These demonstrations are currently planned:


Tools and Applications used:

The planned demonstrations will be made possible and supported by tools and applications developed at HLRS and the partner institutions:

PACX-MPI (PArallel Computer eXtension) aims to provide MPI programmers with a single system view of a cluster of MPPs.


P3T-DSMC A parallel object-oriented simulation Monte Carlo code.


COVISE (COllaborative VIsualization and Simulation Environment) aims to allow distributed visualization, collaborative working and distributed simulation in a HPCN environment.


COVER, the COVISE Virtual Reality environment allows collaborative steering of simulations and analysis of scientific data using projection based VR equipment.



Demonstration Coordination at HLRS:

  • Metacomputing coordination: Matthias Müller
  • Visualization coordination, COVISE/COVER activities: Uwe Wössner.
  • Networking coordination and setup: Robert Stoy