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Meet Us

03. 05. 12
HLRS @ CeBIT 2012

As one of the three members of Germany’s Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS), HLRS participated again in Hannover’s CeBIT, the world's largest trade fair, in March 2012. On the booth of Germany’s Ministry for Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung/BMBF), HLRS itemized 2D-, 3D- and augmented reality presentations focusing primarily on the overarching theme „Supercomputing in the Field of Regenerative Power Production“. The 3D presentations, which were very well received by the countless visitors stopping by at BMBF’s booth, were complemented by hands-on exhibits regarding hydro-power production methods. One of these exhibits, provided by EnBW, one of the largest German energy companies, introduced visitors to the concept, the idea behind and the benefits of pumped storage hydro-power plants and how they complement efforts to provide green energy derived from wind and solar plants. By using Augmented Reality techniques, people were able to see the water flow through the runner of a real full size water turbine provided by hydro power station manufacturer Stellba Hydro AG.

In addition to GCS’s main focus at CeBIT, additional GCS showcases gave visitors a good idea of the overall activities of the three national supercomputer centers in various fields of research and development, such as Astrophysics (Galaxy Formation and GADGET-Simulation), Biophysics (Prion-Aggregation), QCD and more. 

Highlight of GCS’s participation at CeBIT was the visit of Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minster for Education and Research, who was given a detailed Virtual Reality presentation by HLRS’s Dr. Uwe Wössner, showcasing the planning stage of a pumped storage hydro-power plant in Forbach/Black Forrest. EnBW, operator of the hydro plant, used simulation methods to create a Virtual Reality pre-view of the future three-stage hydro-power plant, its various implementation options and its possible effects on environment, wild life and tourism.