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Meet Us

Meet Us

17. 11. 97
HLRS goes SC97

November 17-20, 1997


HLRS presentation at SC'97 at San Jose, California (November 17-20)

Some "live" pictures


The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS, a division of RUS, the computing center of Stuttgart University) is a National HPC Center for Germany. Embedded in industrial co-operations it focuses on engineering applications.   We will showcase our work under the G7 GIBN initiative, done with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) and Sandia National Laboratory (SNL). We have set up a metacomputing environment that links up 512-processor Cray T3E's at HLRS and PSC and a Paragon at SNL, via a transatlantic ATM link, vBNS and ESnet. This is complemented by collaborative visualization in a distributed virtual environment, and applied to: fluid dynamics simulations of the reentry of a space vehicle; the entry of meteorites into the Earth's atmosphere as well as their impact on the Earth; and ab-initio calculations of magnetic properties of alloys. Results will be visualized in a distributed virtual environment between HLRS, PSC and SNL.

Demos planned:

We plan to run these demos in an environment of MPPs and workstations. Results of all simulations will be visualized online. Since the demonstrations rely on the availability of machines at three different supercomputing centers we will have to schedule them for a fixed date and time and will not be able to show online demonstrations on demand.

  • Fluid Dynamics Simulation of the reentry of a space vehicle:
  • Distributed computing scenario to simulate the entry of meteorites into the Earth's atmosphere and the impact on the Earth.
  • ab-initio simulation of the magnetic properties of alloys

For those demos we have set up a 12 Mbit/s link accros the atlantic that we share with NCSA. To view the traffic on this link during demonstrations have a look at our




In addition to the demonstrations planned in metacomputing scenarios we will present demonstrations of ongoing projects at HLRS. This will cover running simulations and visualization of the following topics:

G-WAAT In the Global Wide Area Applications Testbed initiative we aim to bring together computing resources and software of PSC, SNL and HLRS.

Short movie about metacomputing on two T3Es


PACX-MPI (PArallel Computer eXtension) aims to provide MPI programmers with a single system view of a cluster of MPPs.


URANUS (Upwind Relaxation Algorithm for Nonequilibrum flows of the University of Stuttgart) has been developed for the simulation of nonequilibrium flows around reentry vehicles in a wide altitude-velocity range.

Poster (16MB postscript)



P3T-DSMC A parallel object-oriented simulation Monte Carlo code.



HPS-ICE (High Performance Simulation of Internal Combustion Engines) aims to integrate the simulation of fluid flow, mixing and heat release in internal combustion engines into the development process of engines by the use of HPCN.


COVISE (COllaborative VIsualization and Simulation Environment) aims to allow distributed visualization, collaborative working and distributed simulation in a HPCN environment.


Poster (16MB postscript)