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14. 11. 12
Kids Week, Autumn 2012: Physics Workshop@HLRS

During this year’s autumn school break, HLRS again participated in “Kids Week”, inviting young and inquisitive students to a science workshop on the subject of particle physics. “Snooker and Particle Physics: Tipps and Tricks on the Billiard Table” was the title of the lesson, held in the afternoon of October 30th  at HLRS,  which drew the interest of 15 kids, 8-12 years of the age. They learned in what ways particle physics is present in everyday life. From fluids, being a collection of many particles, to successfully potting a snooker ball, the behavior depends on particles interacting with each other. Experiments and computer simulation helped demonstrate and understand these interactions, such as the trajectory of  two billiard balls depending on their point of contact.

The workshop offered by HLRS was part of the bi-annual „Kids Week“ program organized by the City of Stuttgart in cooperation with their partners. Each year during Easter and Autumn break, Kids Week calls for children of various age to “do research, experiment, do handicrafts, observe and discover new things” with a variety of courses and workshops offered during school break.

A journalist from Stuttgarter Zeitung attended the science event at HLRS. Please see here.

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