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31. 12. 14
01.01.14 - 31.12.14 All Training Courses 2014

Abstract: HLRS together with other HPC centers provide a strong training program in HPC. Topics are message passing with MPI, shared memory parallelization with OpenMP, PGAS languages UPC and CAF, GPU programming, scientific programming in Fortran, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), interative solvers and parallelization, optimization on specific platforms, etc. 

Details and Registration, see here: All HLRS Courses 2014  

  • Efficient Parallel Programming with GASPI (Jan. 30, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart)
  • Industrial Services of the National HPC Centre Stuttgart (HLRS) (Feb. 19, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English (if required)]
  • Parallel Programming (MPI, OpenMP) and Tools (Feb. 24-27, 2014) (ZIH, Dresden)
  • Parallel Programming Workshop, MPI and OpenMP (Mar. 04-06, 2014) (ZDV, Uni Mainz) [in English]
  • Fortran for Scientific Computing (Mar. 10-14, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English]
  • Cray XE6 Optimization Workshop (Mar. 17-20, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English]
  • Iterative Linear Solvers and Parallelization (Mar. 24-28, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart)
  • Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (Mar.31 - Apr.4, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart)
  • GPU Programming using CUDA (Apr. 7-9, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English]
  • OpenACC Programming for Parallel Accelerated Supercomputers (Apr. 10-11, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English]
  • Introduction to Unified Parallel C (UPC) and Co-array Fortran (CAF) (Apr. 14-15, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English]
  • Scientific Visualisation (Apr. 16-17, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart)
  • Node-level Performance Engineering (July 14-15, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English]
  • Industrial Services of the National HPC Centre Stuttgart (HLRS) (July 16, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English (if required)]
  • Iterative Linear Solvers and Parallelization (Sep. 15-19, 2014) (LRZ, Garching)
  • Cray XE6 Optimization Workshop (Sept. 23-26, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English] 
  • Parallel Programming Workshop (MPI, OpenMP and advanced topics) (Oct. 13-17, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English]
  • Scientific Visualisation (Oct. 20-21, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart)
  • GPU Programming using CUDA (Oct. 22-24, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart) [in English] 
  • Parallel Programming Workshop, MPI and OpenMP (Dec. 1-3, 2014) (JSC, Jülich)
  • Fortran for Scientific Computing (Dec. 08-12, 2014) (HLRS, Stuttgart[in English] 

A list of all HLRS training (including also external HLRS courses) and links to other course-providers (GCS and PRACE) can be found here.