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18. 04. 11
Course 2011-D: Platforms at HLRS, Usage and Programming

HLRS, Seminar room, Allmandring 30, 70569 Stuttgart.

2011, Monday Apr. 18, 9:00- Tuesday Apr. 19, 17:30

Abstract: The course will focus on the major platforms at HLRS:

  • Cray XE6 (preliminary system for the next petascale system)
  • NEC LX-2400 (Nehalem Cluster, 62 TFlop/s, 5600 cores)
  • IBM bwGrid Cluster (46 TFlop/s)
  • NEC SX-9 (19 TFlop/s, 192 vector processor cores)
  • Cray XT5m (8.5 TFlop/s, 892 cores)
  • CUSS (Common Ulm Stuttgart Server)

HLRS course number and page2011-D.

This course is part of the series of Parallel Programming and Language Courses 2011.

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