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16. 03. 09
10th Teraflop Workshop

Applications and Systems for Future HPC March 16th-17th, 2009

The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, HLRS, and NEC Deutschland GmbH, are organizing the two-day 10th Teraflop Workshop on Applications and Systems for Future HPC at HLRS.

This workshop is to take place in Stuttgart, Germany, on Monday - Tuesday, March 16 - 17,  2009.

The 10th Teraflop Workshop will focus on highest sustained performance on current and future supercomputer architectures for real world applications.

Scientists of different fields will present their recent results which have been only possible by running the respective applications with TeraFLOP/s sustained performance.

The workshop is a meeting platform for scientists, application developers, international experts and hardware designers from different continents to discuss the current state and future directions of supercomputing. This includes future hardware architectures, the future style of programming and directions to highest sustained application performance.

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