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04. 05. 13
Formula 1 in Schools

The HLRS sponsored "Panternight-Racing" Team won the constructors championship and an overall third place at the German national championship with their CO² propelled model size Formula 1 car. They thereby earned a ticket to Austin, Texas where they will participate in this year's world finals.

The team consists of three scholars, Felix Harst, Leo Sandrisser und Luise Hart from the “Mönchsee-Gymnasium”, Heilbronn. Goal of the project is to design, optimize and manufacture a model size Formula 1 car, See Formula 1 in schools. They simulated the aerodynamics of their racing car on HLRS supercomputers and analyzed the simulation result in the “CAVE”, a 3D virtual environment, using the visualization software COVISE.

Image courtesy of Formel 1 in der Schule gGmbH