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ParMA - Parallel programming for Multicore Architectures



ParMA is a three-year project that has started in June 2007 and will last till May 2010. The objective of this ITEA2-labelled project is to exploit fully the power of multi-core architectures to deliver substantial performance improvements for conventional HPC (High Performance Computing) applications as well as for mainstream applications, and to enable the advent of power-intensive innovative embedded applications.


see the list of partners at the ParMA website

Some important links

  • The official ParMA homepage
  • The contribution of the HLRS is the MPI correctness checker Marmot and further work on the Open MPI implementation. Within this project, HLRS will work particularly with several other renowned parallel tools providers (developing e.g. Vampir, Kojak, DDT). The ultimate goal is to offer a powerful, scalable, user-friendly framework to software developers that covers all levels of correctness and performance debugging of parallel applications.