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The BREIN project will realise the flexible, intelligent Virtual Organisation support to significantly reduce the complexity of modern day business-to-business collaborations. Companies and enterprises of any size will be able to compete equally in a complex and demanding market by increasing the business capabilities. BREIN will provide business entities with a powerful tool that allows quicker and easier adaptation of service / product provisioning to the market, including individual customers and collaborative development. By combining such enhanced business entities, BREIN will allow collaborative exploitation of market niches and customer demands in a fully dynamic and optimised way.
For that purpose, BREIN will enhance Grid as it is today with concepts from the Semantic Web and Multiagent domain. By combining the flexibility and stability of Grid technologies with the intelligence and adaptability of AI systems (as developed for Multiagents) and with knowledge technologies from the Semantic Web area, BREIN will enable individuals/business entities to provide their services in a controlled and “easy to handle” environment that allows intelligent and optimal management of the respective resources according to the individual business goals/constraints.
IST contract IST-2005-034556; 1.9.06 - 31.01.10