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DORII (Deployment of Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure) project aims to deploy e-Infrastructure for new scientific communities, where on the one hand ICT technology is still not present at the appropriate level today, while on the other hand it is demanded to empower the communities’ daily work.

The Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure setting up by the DORII project offers a promising vision, how the modern grid computing technology can support and enhance the level of managing, maintaining and exploiting heterogeneous instrumentation and acquisition devices for the e-Science. Leveraging grid computing and storage capabilities, the Remote Instrumentation e-Infrastructure will enable scientific applications to provide a full-service operational support of the experimental laboratory equipment on the Grid. This will be done by integrating in the common grid architecture middleware services and tools studied and developed in a number of previous and ongoing European projects on the remote instrumentation (among others, RINGrid and GRIDCC), interactivity and MPI support of parallel applications (Int.EU.Grid), application development and frameworks (g-Eclipse), virtual laboratories (VLAB) and advanced networking technologies (Geant2).

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DORII started on the 1. February 2008 and will run until the 31. August 2010.


Contact Person

Bastian Koller

Alexey Cheptsov


The DORII project is supported by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no. RI-213110.