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Interactive Realtime Multimedia applications On Service oriented infrastructures

The objective of IRMOS is to enable real-time interaction between people and applications over a Service Oriented Infrastructure, where processing, storage and networking needs to be combined and delivered with guaranteed levels of service.

IRMOS is set apart from SOI through a set of key features. IRMOS will provide a Real-time Framework as a single infrastructure with real-time attributes at all levels (network, processing, storage, application, workflow and business) and provision of Quality of Service Guarantees. Furthermore, while this infrastructure is considered to be Cross-Organisational, allowing the distribution of interactive real-time applications, it provides at the same time Inter-organisation Confidence by giving all participants in inter-organisation value chains the confidence that interactive real-time applications will be delivered in a predictable, reliable and efficient way. The aforementioned framework also allows Business Processes Automation by providing services that enable the quick and efficient assembly of businesses without the need for protracted manual negotiations or service provisioning by using the IRMOS services.

IRMOS is a research project partially funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2011, ICT-2007.1.2. 


IRMOS started on the 01.02.2008 and will run until the 31.01.2011.

Contact Person

Georgina Gallizo