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Optimized Infrastructure Services

The motivation for OPTIMIS is the vision that hybrid clouds will become commonplace, realized by private clouds interacting with a rich ecosystem of public and other cloud providers. OPTIMIS is aimed at enabling organizations to automatically externalize services and applications to trustworthy and auditable cloud providers according to the hybrid model. Consequently, OPTIMIS believes its activities will support and facilitate an ecosystem of providers and consumers that will benefit from the optimal operation of services and infrastructures. The optimization covers the full lifecycle of services and their interactions.

Main innovations

  • OPTIMIS will identify, capture and codify what an optimized cloud ecosystem driven by trust, risk, eco-efficiency and cost will look like. 
  •  The OPTIMIS framework and toolkit will simplify service construction, and will support deployment and runtime decisions based on prior evaluation of providers. 
  • OPTIMIS will facilitate the use of resources based on economic and eco-efficiency goals while achieving a dynamic and proactive management of cloud infrastructures. 
  • OPTIMIS deliverables will enable clouds to be composed of multiple services and resources. OPTIMIS will support service brokerage via interoperability, and will be architecture-independent. 
  • OPTIMIS will identify value networks for these cloud markets and recommend suitable legal and regulatory guidelines for operation. 

In terms of results, OPTIMIS will deliver specifications and a toolkit that can be used to construct these next generation cloud architectures. There will be yearly code drops with incremental functional enhancements.

OPTIMIS is a research project partially funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2011, ICT-2009.1.2. 


OPTIMIS started on the 01.06.2010 and ended on 31.05.2013.

Project Website

Contact Person

Anthony Sulistio, Bastian Koller