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The SANE Cloud

Since the final phase of the BREIN project, the SANE group was and is heaviliy involved in several Cloud-Computing related project, such as IRMOS, Optimis and BonFIRE. During these activities, the SANE group has built up an own Cloud infrastructure testbed which is constantly extended to ensure proper testing and availability of resources. 

The 2011 setup was as follows:






 This set up was extended in 2012 bei addition of a dedicated Frontend and additional resources in terms of storage and computing power. 



The current setup consists of a Frontend with 16 Cores (AMD Opteron, 2,6 GHz), with 24 Gigabyte RAM and up to 13 Terabyte of Storage. The 17 Worker Nodes have a total of 158 Cores, 470 Gigabyt RAM and up to 17 Terabyte of Storage.

As Cloud Manager, OpenNebula 3.0 is used.


In Numbers, the evolution of the Cloud research testbed is listed in the Table below.

2011 2012
Cores4 16
Storage250 GB (local)1 TB (local) + 12 TB
Cores46 156
RAM 62GB 470GB
Storage 2 TB (local) 5TB (local) + 12 TB


In the next months, an extension by Visualization resources and energy efficient hardware is planned.