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The Frequently Asked Queations About HPC-Europa2

Before the visit

  • Q: Should I feel in the registration form even if I'm not visiting HLRS or University of Stuttgart?
  • A: Yes. HLRS is your access center and main contact point in Germany, so the form should be submitted prior to the start of your visit. Please note that your visit can only start after your registration has been approved by HLRS, i.e. you have received a confirmation email.

  • Q: When should I book my tickets and accommodation?
  • A: Please book your tickets only after your registration has been confirmed, i.e. you sent us the registration form and received a confirmation email.

  • Q: What kind of accommodation am I allowed to book?
  • A: The accomodation should preferably been booked by your host and belong to the guest accomodation facilities of the institution inviting you. Hotels can only be accepted for some special cases where such facilities are not physically provided. With regard to this, we advise to contact your host for the accomodation first.

  • Q: What kind of travel costs are reimbursed by HPC-Europa
  • A: The travel costs, including train, flight, and car (in the priority order) will be reimbursed. Please contact the HLRS hosting team if you are going to travel by car, as there are special regulations for this. Please use the cheapest fair option when booking the tickets. We allow you  for some level of flexibility when booking the tickets, but it should be a reasonable prise in the cheapest categorie. We basically can not accept any bookings for any class higher as economy.

  • Q: Should I bear all the expences for booking the travel and the accommodation myself?
  • A: Yes, but you will get the first payment of you stay costs before the visit.

  • Q: When and how do I get the first payment?
  • A: The first payment is authorized at the beginning of your stay covering 80% of your daily allowance.  You will receive 24 EUR/day for the first 28 days of your stay and 18EUR/day for the remaining days.  The maximum for this payment is 1000 EUR. The payment will be done on the bank count specified in your registration form

  • Q: Should the arrival/leaving date strictly correspond to the ones specified in the registration form?
  • A: No, if it doesn't negatively impact the travel price, i.e. it doesn't increase.  Hovewer, the additional costs for accomodation are not reimbursed in that case, as it is considered to be a privat stay. With regard to this, we advise you to check the flight as well as hotel rates prior to submitting the registration form.


During the visit

  • Q: How can I check the current consumption status of the HLRS resources?
  • A: Please visit the statistic page, using the initial password (from your registration confirmation mail).

  • Q: Could I ask for rembursement of the university canteen or/and restaurants?
  • A: No, this is covered by your daily allowance.

  • Q: Are the public transportation tickets reimbursable?
  • A: No, same as for any other everyday expenses, these are covered by your daily allowance.


After the visit

  • Q: When and how do I get the final reimbursement?
  • A: The final reimbursement is done by the Central Administration of the University of Stuttgart. Normally, after all the final documents are sent and the contractual obligation (please check the "After your stay" section of the Visitor Guide for more details) are done, the reimbursement takes around 3-4 weeks to be completed.

  • Q: Is there any opportunity to have a follow-up visit?
  • A: A single project's duration must not exceed 13 weeks. If you visit was successful and there is a strong argument to continue it, you are surely allowed to reapply for more visits. Please also consider the virtual visit option, whereby we can grant you access to our system without any need to travel to your host.