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This page is dedicated to the documentation provided for COVISE. It is intended to provide initial information for the beginner, as well as for the advanced user.

You can find some tips and tricks in the



COVISE Online Documentation


Workshop Slides

  1. Documentation on COVISE usage (Workshop Slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 3.4M)
  2. Documentation on COVISE programming (Workshop Slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 0.6M)
  3. Documentation on COVISE installation (Workshop Slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 0.2M)
  4. Documentation on COVISE configuration (Workshop Slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 1.7M)
  5. Documentation on COVISE collaborative MapEditor (Workshop slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 0.6M)
  6. Documentation on COVISE collaborative VR (Workshop Slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 0.4M)
  7. Documentation on COVISE advanced features (Workshop Slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 2.8M)
  8. Information on COVISE CovRemote (Workshop overview slides)
    Slides(German, PDF, 0.4M)