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AR Equipment

Head-Mounted-Display Version 1

The hardware consists of an HMD, a stereo version of the daeyang Cy-Visor and two pairs of PAL color cameras mounted on top of the HMD. It is connected to a Pentium IV PC with two video capture cards and a GeForce 4 Ti Graphics card running RedHat Linux.

Head-Mounted-Display Version 2

Version 2 of the AR HMD is now equipped with two PointGrey DragonFly Firewire cameras with 1024x768 resolution and CS-Mount lenses. The computer was upgraded to a 3GHz Xeon system also running RedHat Linux.

The Software System

The software system is based on COVISE and AR-Toolkit. ARToolkit is used to capture two sets of video streams for the left and right eye. It further recognizes different markers and computes its relative position compared to the cameras. Virtual objects which have been visualized using COVISE can then be displayed on top of the  video image at the correct position relative to the marker and with the correct perspective.

Test Case

Our test case is a white cardboard box. On the left picture you can see the box with a marker. The right picture is the same box as seen through the HMD a virtual blue box, a creature (floops) and a red and a green sphere are added to the scene. The spheres are partially occluded by the real box.

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