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HPC-Europa was a Transnational Access project in the 6th Framwork Program of the European Union, starting 2004 and ending in 2008.

It consisted out of a consortium of major european high performance computing centers and provided access to the consortium partner's HPC facilities to scientists of different research areas from all over Europe. Visitors used HPC-Europa's High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities to advance their research, while working in collaboration with a scientific researcher from an appropriate local research institute.


The department of visualisation was leading the project activity about "Collaboration support infrastructure and tools in AccessGrid", which contained setup and maintenance of a project-wide infrastructure to operate the video conferencing and collaboration tool AccessGrid and furthermore focus on integration of partners' tools for collaborative and remote support of TA guests into this collaborative environment. For the visualisation department the focus was put on incorporating the visualisation software COVISE for scientific visualsiation into AccessGrid. This was intended to support TA guests with visualisation of their results received out of calculation on the HPC infrastructure.

The HPC-Europa project was successfully ended in December 2007. It was followed by a one year Transnational Access-only project in 2008 and will be superseded by the HPC-Europa 2 project starting in 2009.