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In-Grid is one of six community projects in the German D-Grid initiative, funded by the Ministry for Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung). In-Grid will enable engineering projects for Grid-based application and efficient use of common compute and software resources.

Interactive visualization and monitoring

A goal of this work package is to provide a working environment for engineers to support the execution and evaluation of simulations in Grid environments. Two different types of simulations need to be distinguished:

Very large simulation problems result in running times from several hours to days. The focus in such simulations is on the flexible job preparation, the distribution of the data on the involved resources, the migration of simulations from one computer to another one and the visualization of these generally very large data records.

In other cases, by efficient parallelism and the use of high performance computers, the computing times can be shortened that an interaction with the simulation becomes possible. This leads to completely different requirements for the integration of all involved components. As a result of the consistent conversion and fully automatic integration arises a system, in which engineers or groups of engineers can modify, simulate and evaluate virtual prototypes directly from the desktop or in an VR environment, and thus can optimize the product within a session.

By integrating the visualization environment COVISE, the users are able to integrate generation of geometry, preprocessing, simulation, postprocessing and visualization in one environment. In this workpackage, COVISE is to be adapted to the requirements of users in Grid environments.

For more information, visit the InGrid website.