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SFB 374

Development and Testing of Innovative Products - Rapid Prototyping

The project 'Development and Testing of Innovative Products - Rapid Prototyping' aims at enhancing and shortening development cycles for new products. It integrates several aspects of product development, such as economical, engineering and collaborative considerations. The HLRS contributes to the project with its competence in the area of computational simulation and visualisation. Here, the research activities are centred around Augmented Reality for combining real prototypes of future products with simulation results, parallel rendering of large data sets that become more and more commonplace in daily engineering work, and simulation steering for rapid assessment of the future product's properties.

Creating a new product today involves two test-beds. One is the computational simulation of different product aspects to shorten development cycles, lower costs, and increase the overall product quality. The other is the verification of the simulation results using physical prototypes. The latter can be quite difficult, as a direct comparison of simulation and experiment is often challenging. Augmented Reality can be used to create a Hybrid Prototype that merges experiment and simulation into a single view. Thus, the results can be directly compared.

Another problem that is approached in this research project is the handling of large data sets using parallel rendering. Although we see an increase of graphics performance much larger than that of other computing resources, the available graphics power is still not sufficient to visualise data sets produced by supercomputers out of the box. To tackle this data, either the data set has to be reduced, thus losing in detail, or complicated out-of-core algorithms have to be used. Here, parallel rendering offers an alternative to preserve detail without resorting to out-of-core algorithms.

The SFB374 ran from 1994 to 2006


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