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Semester/Bachelor projects

VRML97 Exporter for Cinema 4D

Florian Methner

Development of a flexible VRML exporter plugin which offers various export options
With this plugin scenes created in the modelling software CINEMA4D can be exported into the VRML format. Additional plugin objects like a 'Level Of Detail Object' are also taken into account. Different export options can be set in order to customize the export process. 

Porsche "Sitzkiste" in the HLRS CAVE

Porsche Steering Wheel

Florian Seybold

Development of a steering wheel force feedback via a CAN bus for a CUBE car driving simulation

Visual input for human is a must-have in a car driving simulation environment. Surrounding sound is another part to get it more realistic. To feel the road under your car with your fingers on the steering wheel would be the next step...

See also: Project webpage

Holger with his PocketPC in the HLRS CAVE


Holger Heinzel

Development of a pocket pc based user interface for immersive virtual environments

This software system allows the VR-Application to dynamically create a custom user interface consisting of tab-folders, buttons, sliders, text-fields and so on. The mobile device is a pocket pc running Microsoft Windows Mobile. The communication between the pocket pc and the CUBE was realized by an ASCII protocol over a wireless lan connection.

The Band in the HLRS CAVE

a fleck on the fleck

Julia Kölle & Sebastian Gmelin

A "fleck on the flag" is a band playing very different kinds of music and sounds, using self-made instruments. "A fleck on the fleck" creates a transforming stage. Spatialized background sounds are arranged on a 3d-grid. in a certain area. They are visualized using cross shaped icons. The visitor influences the arrangement of the music by his position within the stage. 

See also: Project webpage

Virtual Interaction Zone

Alexander Bichler

The way to design had change very dramatic in the last few decades and will change much in the future. The Virtual Interaction Zone is a vision, how people can work and design in virtual environments.