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Michael Braitmaier

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Collaborative Working

Performing visualisation and immersive VR in collaborative environments on the basis of video conferencing systems, like AccessGrid or H.323 systems.Keeping up and maintaining the video conference equipment at HLRS and providing help for users.

Providing collaborative tool enhancments to existing software, like OpenCOVER or COVISE, to enable functionality of remote file loading from collaboration participants as well as from video conferencing systems.Furthermore tools are provided for remote startup of apllications of the COVISE tool suite.



The first project of at HLRS was the Transnational Access project HPC-Europa which has ended end of 2007. It has been followed by a one year extension HPC-Europa++ until end of 2008 and will be continued by HPC-Europa 2 for another four years starting in January 2009.

The main task in HPC-Europa was the lead of the supportive activity NA2 (network activity) which was entitled "Collaborative Visualisation with AccessGrid".

HPC-Europa AccessGrid information page


The current project where work is actively done for is IRMOS which stands for "Interactive Realtime Multimedia-Applications On Service-oriented Architectures". The main focus in this project is put on Remote Augmented Reality through SOI. This includes application adapatation of HLRS visualisation solution COVISE to the service-oriented approach of the project, as well as enhancing the framework services of the IRMOS project for the required services to make the VR and AR scenario. Amongst other things this includes provisioning of an streaming API and associated service components on the subject of video streaming for RemoteAR.

Scientific Interests

The scientifc interesst is located in the area of usability in collaborative environments, especially with the focus of combining interaction with VR/AR solutions in conjunction to standard video conferencing solutions, while providing a seamless quality of experience. 

Additionally, but unfortunately a bit out of scope of the funded projects, interest is located in realistic rendering witha focus on sepcial VR projection equipment as well as solutions to new Remote Rendering approaches.



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    Real-Time Rendering of Seasonal Influenced Trees.
    In Paul Lever, editor, Procceedings of Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2004, pages 152-159, Eurographics UK, 2004
    [pdf] [bibtex]
  • Michael Braitmaier, Manfred Weiler, and Thomas Ertl.
    OpenManip: An Extensible Cross-Scene-Graph Framework for Direct Object Manipulation.
    In Dieter Fellner, editor, Procceedings of OpenSG Symposium '03 , pages 65-72. Eurographics, 2003
    [pdf] [bibtex]
    Openmanip at SourceForge
  • Kyriazis D, Einhorn R, Furst L, Braitmaier M, Lamp D, Konstanteli K, Kousiouris G, Menychtas A, Oliveros E, Loughran N, Nasser B, “A Methodology for engineering real-time interactive multimedia applications on Service Oriented Infrastructures”, IADIS Applied Computing 2010, Timisora, Romania, 2010
    To be published


Lectures & Education

  • Grundlagen der Visualisierung Vorlesung Wintersemester 2005/2006