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Gregory Katsaros

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Automatic Optimization using OpenFOAM in Grid Environments”, Gregory Katsaros, Francisco Campos, Dimosthenis Kyriazis and Theodora Varvarigou, OpenFOAM International Conference 2007 (London – UK, 26-27 November 2007).

Data Aggregation and Analysis: A Grid-based approach for Medicine and Biology”, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Konstantinos Tserpes, George Kousiouris, Andreas Menychtas, Gregory Katsaros, Theodora Varvarigou, 4th Workshop on High Performance and Grid Computing in Medicine and Biology, The 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications (ISPA), Sydney, Australia, 2008.

Service Oriented License Providing”, Gregory Katsaros, Savvas Antonopoulos, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Theodora Varvarigou, IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA'09), Taipei, Taiwan.

Platform-as-a-Service Architecture for Real-time Quality of Service Management in Clouds”, M. Boniface, B. Nasser, J. Papay, S. Phillips, A. Servin, K. Yang, Z. Zlatev, S. Gogouvitis, G. Katsaros, K. Konstanteli, G. Kousiouris, A. Menychtas, D. Kyriazis, 5th International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services (ICIW), Barcelona, Spain 2010.

A Service-Oriented Framework for GNU Octave-Based Performance Prediction”, George Kousiouris, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Kleopatra Konstanteli, Spyridon Gogouvitis, Gregory Katsaros, Theodora Varvarigou, 7th International Conference on Service Computing, Miami, USA 2010.

A Service Oriented Architecture for achieving QoS aware Workflow Management in Virtualized Environments”, Spyridon Gogouvitis, Kleopatra Konstanteli, George Kousiouris, Gregory Katsaros, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Theodora Varvarigou, 6th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2010).