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Florian Niebling

Flo Niebling


Visualization in Parallel Manycore Environments (VisPME)


  • Project lead
  • Parallel postprocessing


Some flash animations showing our work on postprocessing of simulation data.

Former Projects



  • Florian Niebling, Andreas Kopecki and Martin Aumüller, "Integrated Simulation Workflows in Computer Aided Engineering on HPC Resources", Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel Computing, 2011
  • Florian Niebling, Andreas Kopecki and Martin Becker. "Collaborative Steering and Post-Processing of Simulations on HPC Resources: Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere", Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Web 3D Technology, ACM, 2010
  • Florian Niebling, Rita Griesser and Uwe Woessner. "Using Augmented Reality and Interactive Simulations to Realize Hybrid Prototypes", In ISVC (1), volume 5358 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 1008-1017. Springer, 2008
  • Florian Niebling, Bettina Krammer. "Postprocessing of Simulation Results in a Grid Environment Using COVISE", ISC 2007, Dresden, Germany, June 26-29, 2007.


  • Invited:
    • Integrated Simulation Workflows in Computer Aided Engineering on HPC Resources (International Conference on
      Parallel Computing, 2011, Ghent)
    • Parallel GPGPU visualization on unstructured grids (Workshop on Visualization of Large Scientific Data, 2011, Bologna)
    • Scientific Engineering Workflows using COVISE (Web3D Conference 2010, Los Angeles)
    • Parallel Post-Processing of Simulations in HPC (1st International Workshop for Industrial Supercomputing 2010, Daejeon, South Korea)
    • Interactive Tangible Simulations (Visweek 2008, Columbus Ohio)
    • Höchstleistungsrechnerpotential und Gießsimulation (Expertenworkshop Optimierung von Gießverfahren durch Simulation und virtuelle Realität 2008, St. Georgen)
    • Parallel Rendering with COVISE (SC 2006, Tampa) 

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